Sunmi Sheds Tears While Talking About Her Father's Death!

Sunmi confessed to her father's death recently!

Sumi revealed that the reason she became a celebrity was that of her father. In order to make more money to support her sick dad, she went to an audition at the age of 14 and she passed. During her trainee days, she always responded to his dad's messages despite the busy trainee life. One day her dad texted, 'Dad is leaving first', Sunmi thought that it was another text to complain about the difficulty of life again, he then passed away the next day.

He passed away three months before Sunmi's debut. His dream was to become a singer too. When Sunmi went back home for his funeral, her brothers were leading it. There was a letter he had written for me and at the very end, he wrote, 'Please be born as my daughter again in our next life.' It still remains with Sunmi today that she never responded back to him.

The hosts of the show went emotional when this story was told, be strong Sunmi!