ROMEO's Milo Allegedly Invites Underage Fan To Sleep With Him!

ROMEO's Milo is embroiled in a controversy!

Dispatch reveals KakaoTalk texts between Milo and a 17-year-old Japanese fan. Milo invited to fan to sleep with him at a hotel.

According to report, Milo took the initiative to contact the female, he proved his identity with a selfie. After that, they chat regularly. He asked the fan about the distance between her house and the airport, the fan replied that it's quite far away, usually she will stay somewhere nearby before leaving for other countries, he then invited her to sleep together at a hotel when he visits Japan alone next time.

Milo then praised the fan, 'you're quite cute, quite beautiful and sometimes you're sexy', then added 'you're mine'. The fan couldn't hide her excitement and updated her Instagram with post to describing her feeling, "I don't have to pay and I can meet him at night, that's great, I can hug whenever I wanna hug, is this a dream? Hahahahaha"

Attached some proof revealed by Dispatch regarding this issue, what do you think?