Kahi Shares The Hardship Of Her 2nd Pregnancy!

Kahi who's expecting her second baby soon reveals the hardship of her pregnancy.

She updated her Instagram with a new selca to share with fans regarding the hardship of her 2nd pregnancy.

She wrote, '"Oh my god, I can't breathe because my nose is plugged. Everything is hard... I can't even take medicine, ugh... ㅜㅜ The baby is moving a lot more lately. When I had our first child Noa, I was so happy with his smallest movements but I feel less with my second and i feel so sorry. Scared that I'm going to get pregnancy depression. I'm trying to stay positive but it's not working. I wish there was staff that took care of people when they're pregnant."

Fans then showed her some support on Instagram with positive comments, do you have any opinion to share?