How To Start A KPop Blog & Start Earning $$$

Have you ever wondered what it takes to own your KPop blog?

Well, I started to blog about KPop in 2008, the first ever blog I started was a Girls' Generation fansite, Girls' Generation introduced me to KPop and I started to develop more interest in other groups as well (After School, Super Junior, TVXQ, BEAST and tonnes of big names).

After a few months, I decided to start Daily K Pop News with a team of Kpop lovers back then, it's not an easy journey but I'm 200% sure that it's a fruitful one. Fast forward to 2018 we already have more than a million fans on various social media accounts, impressive right?

What if I tell you, you can do the same too without any experience and much technical skills, Bluehost has made things easier for you guys!

The benefits
As a kpop fan, you know you need $$$ to buy all those KPop goodies, attending KPop concerts as well as purchasing fashion goodies to look more KPoppish!

In fact, you can achieve all these goals if you start blogging about your favorite KPop groups today! What you need to do is update your readers with informative contents about the groups you love, do it consistently, spending at least an hour daily to blog about the latest updates of the groups you love, grow the number of readers day by day and you can achieve all the goals mentioned without any doubt.

As a KPop news site, we often receive invitations by concert organizers to attend concerts so that we could write them a review or press release right after the concert, getting KPop albums for album review and so on. There are tonnes of surprises you will get once you start a KPop blog.

How to Start?
To start a KPop blog, you need a platform.

Some of the most popular blogging platforms out there include Wordpress, Blogspot, WIX and Squarespace.

After years of trial and error, if you wanna make blogging a business instead of a hobby, Wordpress is gonna be your very first choice.

The reason is very simple, it's easily customizable and you have full ownership of the blog. By paying $3.95 per month, you can have your own personalized KPop blog, and the setup is absolutely simple!

As an internet dummy, I managed to set up a blog using Bluehost in 5 minutes, believe it or not, just 5 minutes!

Once you found the ideal setup for your blog it’s time to start adding interesting content for your readers. Sometimes we all run out of ideas, however there are always lots of places one can find inspiration. Since it is quite easy to get caught up in the excitement of things, I used an essay writing service to handle my general Ed papers so i would have more time to setup my blog the way I wanted it to be. Honestly, when I looked over a lot of services or websites of all sorts and kinds it inspired me since I checked out everyone's blog section, how it was organized, why certain topics were seen as “Hot”, what sort of audience seemed to frequent it, etc. So yeah, it seems like the old saying of leave no stone left unturned comes to mind since you never really know what will let you connect the dots.

Start now with the help of DKPOPNEWS' team!
It's easier said than done, the first thing you have to do is take action! If you're still worried about the technical skills required to start your own blog, you can always email us at after you have signed up on Bluehost, we will provide as much advice as possible for you to build a successful KPop blog, let's spread the Kpop love together, cheers!!

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