Top 10 Skinniest Female KPop Idols

Besides having great talent, KPop idols work absolutely hard to maintain their figures.

According to professional photographers, you can easily add 10 pounds to yourself in a photo, in order to look slim and gorgeous in photoshoot and CF, there are many KPop idols who work extremely hard to stay slim, a high percentage of them are underweight.

We have compiled a list of 10 idols who are extremely skinny, let's find out who's shortlisted!

1. Girls' Generation Yoona

2. TWICE Momo

3. Girl's Day Sojin

4. CLC Yujin

5. Hello Venus Nara

6. After School Nana

7. T-ara Hyomin

8. GFRIEND Sowon

9. MAMAMOO Moonbyul

10. Blackpink Lisa