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Dear KPop fans, it has been a while since the last time we had a meaningful event involving our website's readers.

After years of ups and downs, i'm thankful that Daily K Pop News is still alive! Despite my busy daily schedule i'm still able to spend some time working on Daily K Pop News to deliver the latest KPop news and gossips to our loyal fans.

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I received some emails from bloggers and KPop fans around the world to share their KPop stories on our blog, unfortunately i rejected quite a big number of fans since we din't have a session for guest posts.

After reconsidering, instead of rejecting, why can't i allow KPop fans who are as passionate as me to share their stories or articles to other KPop fans, this will definitely benefit the community.

Topics allowed
Among the emails we received, we have a lot of fans out there who talked about his/her love for their favorite groups and the reasons behind their addiction while some shared their experience attending concerts and shows of KPop idols.

So we have compiled a list of possible topics and came to a conclusion, those 5 allowed topics are:

1.) Favorite KPop group and story
2.) Concert experience
3.) Favorite drama/variety show and reasons
4.) Korean restaurant or KPop related places
5.) Reasons to love a particular idol/singer/actor

By posting a guest post on Daily K Pop News, you will enjoy some of the benefits below:

1.) Reach million of KPop fans and gain some fame
2.) Have your social media links included in the footer of the post
3.) Get connected to other KPop fans around

How to submit?
You're just one click away from sending us your post, attach the photos and save your article in a word file, then send them to our email

If your article fulfils the criteria mentioned, you will have your article posted on Daily K Pop News soon! Start writing and send us your story now!