Netizens Bash Suzy For Her Severe Speech Manners

Suzy is bashed by netizens and reporter for her severe speech manners!

Suzy held her comeback showcase in Seoul on 29th January. She had an interview at the showcase, below are some questions asked and her replies.

1. When she was asked to send messages to fans, she mentioned about the members of miss A and said that they're doing fine.

2. When she's asked about what she wanna express through love, she just said she have sung many songs and can express her emotions deeply this time

3. She was unable to answer this question, 'can you reveal what facets of love you wanted to express in each song?'

Netizens they commented, 'she's bad at public speaking', 'she needs more practice definitely' and etc. There are fans who defended Suzy by saying, 'she's just nervous', 'come on, no one is perfect', 'those are difficult questions' and etc