K-Star Road - A whole street for our idols!

If you love K-Pop, you do know Seoul.

And if you know Seoul, you do know the K-Star Road.

This one-kilometre road finished in 2015 is fully dedicated to Idols and composed of several GangnamDols.

Several what?
A GangnamDol is a metal statue designed like a teddy bear. Its name comes from Gangnam, the district where it's located,
Doll because they are like dolls positioned on each other of the neighbourhood and also the word Idol.

Drawn by the Ducobi designers society, the GangnamDols bear the colours, patterns and logos of different K-Pop bands like Super Junior, BTS, Shinee, Infinite or again FT Island.

However, the statue you won't miss at first will be the 3 meters high GangnamDol dedicated to PSY.

Obvious leader of the K-Wave, he was this one artist who reached 3 billions of views on YouTube in 2012 and invaded the world with the crazy song Gangnam Style.

What's more, you will find a GangnamDol Shop on the other side of its roundabout to buy souvenirs and take photos.

Want more informations?

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Lee Shin-yon