Chinese Company Banana Plan Releases An Official Statement Regarding The `Sports Cars` Rumors!

Banana Plan who managed T-ara during their promotional period in China released an official statement regarding T-ara's sports cars rumors!

The translation of the statement is as below:

1. The situation described by the members on Weibo is unreal.
2. All news spread online are fake.
3. Our company's contract with T-ara's company MBK Entertainment expired on 31st December 2017, without contract renewal.

During our collaboration, our company worked well with T-ara's members. That's why we felt shocked with the messages revealed by them. Hopefully the members won't be affected by the irresponsible reports by media, as the representative company in China, our company communicated with the members through Korean MBK Entertainment, hopefully MBK will be able to solve this issue properly with the members.

The rumors spread online has affected the good name of our company, we reserve the rights to take further action.

Lastly, many thanks to T-ara's members for their hard work!