TVXQ Speak About Jonghyun On Japanese Show

TVXQ appeared on the morning broadcast of Nihon TV’s “Sukkiri” and mentioned Jonghyun. Both of them appeared in black costumes as a mark of respect.

Yunho said (we) “can hardly believe it but once the programme ends, we will going to pay our respects.” Changmin added, (he was) “the best artist,” and “a singer who was like a dongsaeng so to describe it in words is difficult,” expressing his sorrow. Throughout the entire broadcast, the looks of determination that they wore belied the regret that they were feeling.

In the case of TVXQ, it was impossible for them to cancel the activity as it was scheduled earlier, despite it being difficult (on them to do), they appeared and paid tribute to Jonghyun. Once their Japan schedule ended, they returned to Korea to pay their respect