Top 5 Sexiest KPop Groups!

1. Girl's Day

A successful transformation from cute to sexy rescued Girl's Day from disbandment, the girls garnered much attention with tracks like Female President, Something, Ring My Bell and etc.

2. Stellar

One of the most controversial female groups in the Kpop history, had their Marionette MV banned for most of the stations in Korea, the girls gained themselves some fame among the international fans, popular tracks include Crying, Marionette, Mask and Vibrato

3. Nine Muses

Being named as the perfect model group, Nine Muses consist of members with tall and voluminous figure, the girls have a lot of catchy tracks such as News, Ticket, Wild and Glue


A highly familiar group undoubtedly, their hit song Up and Down used to be the song of the year in Korea thanks to the catchy lyrics as well as seductive dance.


This group needs to further introduction, the queens of summer SISTAR have been with us for so many summers, despite their disbandment, Soyou, Bora, Hyolyn and Dasom will always be the representatives of sexy queens in our hearts!