Two-Jaw Surgery In Korea

Asian Medicine. Over the past few years, the development of the health industry in Asia has
experienced a sharp leap in development. Technological innovations in medicine, which are widely used in Asian countries, have a significant impact on medical practice, allowing less invasive surgical interventions and a more accurate diagnosis, generally improving health standards around the world.

Although plastic surgery in most asian countries have become popular for procedures such as gender reassignment surgery, mammoplasty, rhinoplasty, and blepharoplasty, more advanced procedures that involve the cutting of bone should be done at qualified hospitals.

Why South Korea? South Korea is popular among foreigners for treatment for all cosmetic procedures. A majority of their facilities are equipped with only the latest technological equipment and while having many surgeons that are well-known globally in the plastic surgery world. According to statistics, the demand for plastic surgeons will remain at the same demand for at least the next 5-10 years, if not longer.
The high demand for plastic surgery has created  a lot of competition where skilled surgeons are basically celebrities for their craft. This increase in exposure has travelled well outside of Korea creating an additional plastic surgery market exclusive to foreigners. One of the most popular procedures in Korea is  Double Jaw surgery or Two-jaw surgery.

What is Double Jaw / Two-Jaw Surgery? Double Jaw (or Two-Jaw) surgery is a procedure that provides a drastic change in appearance of the face as a significant part of the jaw bone is cut and the overall face structure repositioned. It involves the movement of the upper and lower jaws, including teeth, to create a beautiful and symmetrical look.

The Double Jaw surgery is considered as one of the most complicated procedures that requires special skills and years of experience as it is quite dangerous due to the possibility of damaging the nerve endings of the lower jaw.

Thus, the training of all plastic surgeons in Korea is an extensive process with  rigid selection and regulation of activities through legislation. And only a small percentage of plastic surgeons are granted  licenses to perform this procedure.  There has been a few cases of unlicensed doctors performing this surgery resulting in permanent damage to the patients.

Why REGEN? REGEN is  well known for not only their exposure on the popular TV show, Let Me In, which showcases transformation through plastic surgery for its contestants, but a variety of qualities that make it stand out from a country full of plastic surgery hospitals.

1.         Advanced technologies
2.         Experienced surgeons
3.         360 safety check-up
4.         Individual approach
5.         Special post operation recovery system

REGEN clinic is one of the top plastic surgery clinics in South Korea  and one of the leading specialists in Maxillofacial procedures. The surgeons Dr. Myung June Oh and Dr. Seokjune Lee attract foreigners from all over the world for plastic surgery after being showcased on programs such as CBS Good Morning America and receving international recognition from plastic surgery associations in Europe.

The CBS video interview with Dr.Oh (REGEN Clinic, Seoul)

Double-Jaw (two-jaw) Surgery at REGEN. The surgery is performed for patients suffering from deformation of the location, shape and functioning of the jawbones. With the surgical intervention the shape and functional restrictions of jaws are corrected to the right position.
Recommended for those who have:

  • -          Long, protruded or underdeveloped chin
  • -          Protruded jaws
  • -          Flat face (or with insufficient volume)
  • -          Deep nasolabial fold
  • -         Face asymmetry
  • -          Dissatisfaction with previous operation results or with the face shape/outline

REGEN offers several types of jaw correction:

1. Two-Jaw Surgery (with Facial Contouring) to correct the abnormal facial line and dysfunctions caused from a misgrowth of jaw.

    2. Anterior Segment Osteotomy (A.S.O) is a straightening process of a protruded gum and teeth after an extaction of a ooth behind a canine

3. Three-Jaw Surgery is a combination of a Two-Jaw and ASO to balance upper and lower jaws and position the gum.

4.Lower Jaw Surgery to relocate protruded lower-jaw

5.      Two-Jaw Lifting for making the skin more elastic and define a V-line after the surgery process

6.      Two-Jaw Revision Surgery to improve unsatisfying result and inconveniences caused from the side effect

The preparation process at REGEN starts with a series of tests, followed up by a 3D scan of the face so that the patient can see what corrections would be made. The plastic surgeon conducts a series of consultations to identify shortcomings and deformations and determine the specific type of surgical intervention. Since the shape of the face is different for every individual the most suitable implants are pre-made for each patient.

Operation. The plastic surgery is carried out under general anesthesia. Depending on the goal and the specific type of intervention, it takes a different amount of time, but the average is 3 to 4 hours. After the procedure is done, a mask is applied to the face and the hospitalization usually period takes a couple of days.

Rehabilitation. In the first few days (3-5 days) there may be a feeling of discomfort or pain, and a bit of swelling. However, everything is completely gone in about 10 days. On the fourth day patients can do usual household chores, and a week later - go back to work.

The achieved effect is noticeable after approximately 6 months. The shape of the face significantly improves, its contours and size become more proportional.

REGEN – The Best Choice. Being one of the world leaders in the plastic surgery industry, Seoul has become a Mecca for many medical tourists. Even though, the attitude towards plastic surgery is ambiguous, one thing still stays quite obvious, the fashion for plastic surgery in Korea  gaining momentum and REGEN is the better place to correct shortcomings of both face and body, which can be the cause of self-doubt.