Netizens Respond To Taeyeon Car Accident!

1.Taeyeon is the one who caused this accident but look at the Taeyeon fans worrying about Taeyeon, gives me goosebumps

2.Taeyeon's the one who caused the accident and yet no one cares about the taxi driver... Taeyeon's car is fine, the taxi car is demolished; just how hard did she rear-end him?

3.Seeing as how the media didn't post it up right away, I don't think she was drunk driving. Hoping that both the person who caused it and the victims didn't suffer big injuries.

4. Don't think she was drinking, probably just got distracted

5.Taeyeon-ah ㅜㅜ hope everyone's safe

Taeyeon's Mercedes-Benz rear-ended a taxi, and due to the initial collision, the taxi hit an Audi vehicle in front of him.