Girl's Day's Minah Is Proud Of Her Monolids, Netizens Bashed Her!

Minah confessed on a show recently that she's proud of her monolids and said that it's the trend lately, below are some harsh comments from the netizens

1.If she's so proud of her monolids, then why does she wear her eyeliner so thick???????? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ It's like someone who's 150 cm tall saying she's proud of her height but wearing only 15 cm tall heels every day, or someone who's an A cup saying she's proud of her slender chest but wearing only padded bras.

2.I'm never convinced with people like Gain or Minah who say they're proud of their monolids but wear thick eyeliner... You have to be more natural like Park Bo Young if you're really proud of them.

3. You gotta look at least as good as Park Bo Young to say your monolids look good

4. After seeing Minah's bare face, I don't think she should have pride in her monolids

5. You can only have pride in your monolids if you're pretty..

Credits: Netizenbuzz