'Running Man' Releases Preview Cuts For 'Monday Couple' Farewell Scene

With Gary leaving the show, it also means a farewell to Monday couple. "Running Man" releases today still cuts of the farewell scene of the much beloved Monday couple.

On this day during the opening, Song JiHyo commented, "I've decided not to cry today" and proceeded with Gary's last recording.

However, Jihyo wasn't able to conceal her sadness throughout the recording as her loveline "Monday Couple" with Gary has received so much love for 7 years. Meanwhile, Jihyo worked especially hard on the mission enduring pain to present a win for Gary as his "Monday Girlfriend" until the very end.

The last episode of Gary and "Monday Couple", as well as Jihyo's handwritten letter for Gary will be broadcast on November 6 at 6:30pm kst.