Kyuhyun Shares He Received Hate For Doing His Homeworks On Time

Super Junior Kyuhyun, who makes his solo comeback with 3rd mini album "Waiting Still" shares how he struggles with hate in his class.

On his guesting at Cultwo Show, a listener shared that Kyuhyun, who is taking up his Master's Degree at Kyunghee University, is participating well with school works and the listener commented that he's cool.

To this, Kyuhyun shares, "I remember that its Monday and since I didn't have schedule I went to school. I did all my homework." He continues, "There were some who didn't do their homework so the professor told them ~even a celebrity did his homework, what about you" and because of that, I received hate."

Kyuhyun also added that people asked him how come he can go to school often and explained that he has free time that time. Netizens react, "The professor is wrong. How can made such comparison?","Why did the professor compare them like that?" and so on.