BTOB Peniel Courageously Shares His Hair Loss Problem on 'Hello'

BTOB Peniel shares a shocing revelation (at least to non-fans) about his severe hair loss problem in his appearance on "Hello".

The 24 year old idols shares on the show that he is seeking advice for his problem, his reason for coming to the show. Peniel surprises everyone on the set that he has been struggling with his severe hair loss problem for five years now and that, "I have to keep it as a secret in consideration for the members and our fans but now I want to reveal it."

He adds that he had already consulted the hospital but the treatment for his hair loss is difficult. "I have lost 70% of my hair to the point that I get one bald spot every week." Meanwhile, his hair loss problem is already known among BTOB fans as he has been consistently covering his hair every time BTOB makes a comeback but it's the first time Peniel reveals it publicly earning praises from non-fans and netizens for his courageous act which is difficult for an idol who depends on looks.

You're a brave guy Peniel and you're looking good as you are!