[Breaking] Nam Taehyun Officially Withdraws From Winner

After announcing 2NE1's disbandment, YG has another unfortunate news to relay.

YG announces Nam Taehyun's official departure from Winner. Apparently, Nam Taehyun had suspended all his activities due to psychological health problems in October but it seems like it led to his withdrawal from the group.As for the reason, YG explains,

"We can't predict when (Nam Taehyun) can recover and return to the group and it's not possible for him to continue with Winner activities." Nam Taehyun's contract is also reported to have been terminated in November 18 after thorough consultation between both parties.

"In consideration  for the group's future activities and to not burden Nam Taehyun for hindering the group, it has come to this decision."

In regards to this, Winner is continuing as 4-member group for future activities.