Nine Muses Moon Hyuna Officially Leaves The Group, Leaves Letter to Fans

Moon Hyuna of Nine Muses announces her withdrawal from the group on October 4 through a handwritten letter posted on their fancafe.

First, Hyuna discloses that her contract with Star Empire has ended after being a member of Nine Muses since 2010.

She expresses that making the decision was hard and doesn't sink in to her yet. "It feels like I'm talking and laughing with members and go on with live and being happy getting love from our fans."

She continues, "Although there were tough times throughout the years, we've always been a family. And leaving my warm shelter, Star Empire, makes me anxious and nervous." She assures that she won't forget being the oldest eonnie of group and will continue to work hard to show Moon Hyuna to MINEs.

Hyuna didn't forget to be grateful to their staff and says, "Thank you to the staff who worked hard with us in 6 years. I will always love MINEs and my members whom I made memorable moments together, thank you for everything"

She ends her letter with, "This might be my last greeting as Nine Muses member but I'll stay beside my dongsaengs and MINEs. I sincerely thank you for giving love to Nine Muses Moon Hyuna for all this time. Thank you."

All the best Hyuna!