Monsta X Exposes MBC For Using Their Choreography Without Consent At 'DMC Festival'

Monsta X made a surprising revelation about an event at DMC Festival that took place on October 8.

On their latest V-live, member Wonho spilled the bean about their self-choreographed dance break for "Sorry Sorry" special stage that was later performed by BTS, Twice, GFriend and Super Junior Leeteuk.

Wonwoo shared that they made a choreography for 'Sorry Sorry' dance break part and even performed it at 'MBC Korean Music Wave" in July but unfortunately was edited out for broadcast. He also pointed out that the same choreography was used by BTS, Twice and GFriend on their special 'Sorry Sorry" stage with Super Junior Leeteuk at "DMC Festival". Apparently, while Wonho praised their sunbaes for their cool performance he also expressed that the usage of their own choreography was not consented.

When they asked MBC regarding the matter, the staff replied that it was cool and decided to use it for DMC. Wonho made sure to their fans that it was a choreography they made. After the revelation, not only fans but netizens have sided with Monsta X and agree that the boys deserve an explanation and apology from MBC.

Watch their V-live below as well as their fantaken video dancing to their self-choreographed dance and the DMC performance by BTS, Twice and GFriend.