DIA Chaeyeon Shines In Recent Pictorial, Loses 16kg In 3 Months

DIA Chaeyeon exudes pure and elegant beauty in her solo pictorial for "International BNT". She wears white pieces of clothing which gives off an innocent and pure image and black outfits which lets her elegant and sophisticated image glow.

Moreover, on her interview, Chaeyeon also shares her diet results, "I've lost 16kg in only 3 months." She adds, "Last year I was 64kg but I lost 16kg and becomes 48kg. I either starved or ate only soft tofu and soy milk. If that's not enough, I also ate cherry tomato. I also lost weight because of dance practice."

When asked about the result of her diet, My health and blood pressure weren't good. Because I have to do activities, now I just eat anything." On staying fit, Chaeyeon says "People don't collapse easily. I don't take vitamins or supplements. Usually, if I can eat, I eat well."