[Breaking] BEAST To Establish Their Own Agency, Didn't Renew With Cube

In the past few days, fans are restless whether BEAST are renewing with Cube Entertainment as their 7-year contract ended.

Today, according to various officials, BEAST has finally decided to part ways with Cube and not renew their contract. In addition to that, Beast is also reported to establish their own agency, and members are going to continue seeking individual activities on their own.

Although BEAST is thankful to Cube Entertainment and have learned and gained experiences since their debut, the members have decided to embark on a new challenge by exploring their careers on their own without a contract.

Marking their 7th year anniversary, members have hinted the new beginning of BEAST on their SNS posts and all comes to light with their final decision. Netizens and fans react immediately to the news with comments,

"Finally left Cube. I respect your decision. I'll follow you"
"the 2nd Shinhwa"
"really.. you did well.. i feel like crying"
"this is an accurate news right?"
"thank you.. whatever your decision is I'll follow you thank you" and more.

Is this for the better? What do you think?