Big Bang TOP's Curated Auction Garners $17M, Draws Criticisms From Experts

Big Bang's TOP debuts as an international curator today and holds his first solo auction in Hong Kong with an impressive total sales of approximately 17 million US dollars.

TOP curated and introduced several pieces of Western and Asian Contemporary arts at tonight's Sotheby auction in Hong Kong showcasing his knowledge and passion in arts. Although successful, TOP debuting as curator draws criticisms from curator experts.

In an interview with The Korea Times, curator Sam Bardaouil comments,

"I think people will be very upset if I am working as a curator and then I compete in the Olympics in Germany's swimming team. I think this is the same analogy, really,"
"I think when you do something for a very long time in your life, you'd just know what you are doing.
"Being a curator is really hard work and you need to study and read a lot and think a lot before you comment about it. A lot of curators are also quite easy and superficial, but it is really bad actually. You need to really know and think and be sure what you are saying."
Meanwhile, TOP is openly displaying his interest in arts on his SNS and fans are expressing that they are very proud of his new-found career. Read the full interview and article from The Korea Times.