2PM Taecyeon Interesting Comment to News Of Beast Establishing Own Agency

2PM Taecyeon reacts to news of Beast establishing their own company after being reported that the members didn't renew their contracts with Cube Entertainment.

On his Twitter account, Taecyeon tweets the link of the news article and adds "That's cool~". As simple as it is, fans immediately relay their own desire for 2PM following BEAST's decision. Fans reply Taecyeon with "How about 2pm?","Let's set up oppas agency too!", "Taecyeon approves!","I look forward to 2PM's agency in 2018" and more.

Meanwhile, BEAST is reported earlier that they didn't renew with Cube and plan to establish their own agency but Cube later on clarifies that there's nothing confirmed yet as they are currently in the middle of negotiation.