YG Releases Official Poster for 2016 Sechskies Concert 'YELLOW NOTE'

YG Entertainment is prepping the very first official group activity of veteran group Sechskies in 16 years, and it's a solo concert.

As announced before, Sechskies are making their most-anticipated return to the music industry by holding a solo concert of September 10 (6PM) and 11(5PM) at Olympic Gymnastics Arena. Today, the official poster is finally released. Five members Eun Ji-won, Lee Jae-jin, Kim Jae-duc, Kang Sung-hoon and Jang Su-won are dashing in their suits. Their official color "yellow" is also emphasized in the black and white image.

Meanwhile, Sechskies is expected to reveal their new song produced by Tablo at their concert.