WJSN Cheng Xiao Takes The Gold For Jaw-Dropping Rhythmic Gymnastics at 'ISAC 2016'

Cosmic Girls/WJSN member Cheng Xiao impresses viewers and fellow idols with her gracefulness and flexibility during the Rhythmic Gymnastics category of "2016 Idol Sports Athletic Championship" earning her a gold medal.

Apparently, Cheng Xiao gets higher points because of the difficulty level of her drills which she executes effortlessly. After the broadcast, Cheng Xiao finally updates the fans with a photo of her holding her gold medal and writes,

"Jjjaannn! I won 1st for ISAC rhythm gymnastics. I'm happier because it's my 1st time. My members were in front cheering for me but I cried after my performance because I saw them crying. I love my WJSN members. Also thank you to everyone who cheered on me. I got a gold medal!"

Congratulations! A well deserved-gold!