Seventeen Gets Their First Ever Vacation Since Debut

Seventeen members are off to their respective hometowns!

According to various officials on 19th, starting today, Seventeen are going to  vacation by members. It's Seventeen's first vacation in 1 year and four months  since their debut in May last year.

 Initially, Seventeen planned to go on vacation in lined with Chuseok. However,  Seventeen vocal team appeared together on MBC Show! Music Core on 17th so the  vacation was pushed back by a week.

 Seventeen members are expected to enjoy their vacation for 1-2 weeks depending on  their different schedules. Jun and The8 are spending their vacation in China.  Members from States are also going back to their respective countries and the rest  are expected to go home to spend the holiday.

Meanwhile, Seventeen has just concluded their first Asia Tour 'Seventeen Shining Diamonds' in September 11 and has met fans in Japan, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Taiwan.