Photos From His Private Instagram Leaked, G-Dragon Reacts 'Can't Handle People Anymore'

Netizens and fans have been talking about the leaked photos from G-Dragon's private instagram account. The photos circulating on SNS reveal the alleged relationship between G-Dragon and Japanese actress and model Nana Komatsu.

Though fans are restraining others to refrain from reuploading and spreading the photos on SNS, it's all over the media already. Netizens comment that G-Dragon should stop denying and reveal their relationship while fans argue that it's the Big Bang member's private life and hacking then leaking of his private photos is wrong.

In regards to this, YG conveys to media outlet DongA, "We will look into the situation but it's not possible because it's about the private life (of G-Dragon)." Hours ago, G-Dragon uploaded a photo of a guy with bondage all over his face along with the words, "I can't handle people anymore".

Note: Although the photos are all over SNS now, we are not sharing them in this article in respect for G-Dragon.