Heechul Reveals Gain's & Red Velvet Members' Nicknames Saved On His Phone

Kim Heechul reveals to members and viewers of "Knowing Brothers" the interesting nicknames of Gain and Red Velvet members saved on his phone.

As previously reported, Heechul revealed that he saved female celebrities contact numbers on his phone using nicknames that only him knows. For Gain, he uses "Eyeline" because oh her famous monolids.

As for Red Velvet members he uses:

Irene - booyeom Ee-ring 이링 = aegyo-like version of Irene
Seulgi - booyeon Nabi (butterfly) = Seulgi is featured in Henry's song "Butterfly"
Wendy - booyeom Wandi 완디 =
Joy - booyeom JoHee 조희 = combination of Joy+Hee(chul)
Yeri - booyeom Pudding 푸딩 = because Yeri loves pudding

Heechul uses 'booyeom' as nickname for Red Velvet. "booyeom" came from the cute lyrics/gestures the girls make at the start of "Happiness".

Meanwhile, seems like Heechul does not only use interesting nickname but it also suggests that he knows each people well. Netizens are very amuse with his witty.