Hani Amuses By Calling Red Velvet's Irene 'Eonnie' on 'Weekly Idol'

EXID Hani, who is one of the MCs of 'Weekly Idol' amuses viewers by calling Red Velvet's Irene "Irene eonnie".

On September 7th episode of Weekly Idol, Red Velvet appears as guests.  On this day, the hosts reveal that Irene is actually Hani's eonnie and asks Hani to try calling her "eonnie" which she willingly does and tells Irene "Hi eonnie". Irene looks a bit embarrassed but smiles upon hearing it from Hani.

Apparently, some netizens aren't aware of their ages but Irene (1991) is one year older than Hani (1992) which make them leave comments such as "How cute and surprising Hani calling Irene 'eonnie!'","Perhaps it's because EXID did sexy concept and Red Velvet hasn't that Hani looks more mature.","They're so cute!" and so on.