BTOB Peniel Expresses His Thoughts After Debuting As MV Director

BTOB Peniel expresses his thoughts after making his debut as music video director for his group's first unit BTOB Blue's "Stand By Me".

On 20th, BTOB Blue released the making film of their "Stand By Me" MV through V-app, and Peniel talked about his experience after directing the MV.

He said, "Although there are some regrets I think it came out well. I'm satisfied." This is the first time Peniel took the job of directing a music video since debut. Peniel has shown passion in directing videos as seen on the members' clips that were uploaded on their Youtube channel.

In regards to this, Cube Entertainment revealed, "For BTOB Blue's music video, Peniel gives direct feedback and check the scenes and site carefully and meticulously." THe agency added,"This is the first time we filmed a one take music video since BTOB's debut."

Good job Peniel! Members must be proud! Watch BTOB Blue's "Stand By Me" MV directed by Peniel below: