[Breaking] 2AM Jinwoon & Wonder Girls Yeeun Confirmed To Be Dating For 3 Years

Media outlet Sports Donga reports that Wonder Girls Yeeun and 2AM Jinwoon have been dating for almost 3 years now after developing their friendship into lovers in 2014.

According to the report, a source revealed that the two have similar taste in music which eventually led to their affectionate feelings towards each other. It is also mentioned that Yeeun often makes songs and record them together with Jinwoon playing his guitar and they gifted each other intruments.

In regards to their surprising 3 years of dating, it is said that Yeeun and Jinwoon have been able to hide their relationship since they were in same agency, JYP Entertainment (before Jinwoon moves yo Mystic Entertainment).

In response to this reports, both Yeeun's and Jinwoon's agencies confirm their relationship. In an official statement, JYP and Mystic say, "The two have developed from being friends into couple in 2014. Even though Jinwoon moved to Mystic Entertainment now, they are still continuing their beautiful love."

In addition, Yeeun and Jinwoo are said to be supporting and cheering each other in their respective music careers giving advice and care. Both agencies ask for the public to look after them with sincerity and cheer on their relationship.