Big Bang Seungri Clarifies 'Guo BiTing Is Not My Girlfriend'

Big Bang Seungri clarifies today fans' and netizens' speculations that Taiwanese actress Guo BiTing (Hayden Guo) is his girlfriend.

Through his V-Live today, Seungri talks about his intimate selfie with co-actor Guo BiTing that has sparked speculations that he might be dating her looking at how intimate they look together. In addition to that, he also uploaded a short clip with Guo BiTing a week ago with them greeting everyone a happy Chuseok.

In relation to that, Seungri clarifies, "I was filming for the movie and met Guo BiTing so I took a photo with her and posted it. However, lot of fans thought she's my girlfriend and left bad words. She's really not my girlfriend. If ever I got a girlfriend, I wouldn't post (a picture)."

The concept of Seungri's V-live today, "Hello. Are you Seungri?" is to address fans concerns through his experiences by giving advice and such and seemed like he has just met its purpose.