APink Apologizes to Their Fans On 'Cultwo Show'

On 28th, APink appeared on 'Cultwo Show' and talked about their new album, song and their thoughts about making a comeback after a long time.

Namjoo described their title track "Only One" as a song that expresses the thrilling sensation one feels to someone they love"

Eunji added, "It's a great song so it would be really nice if this received lots of love." She then talked about their fans, "We have decided on the title track but it took a long time. We are really sorry to fans so we are going to work hard for this promotions."

When asked about how they decided on their title track, the girls revealed, "We did it among members and with our CEO. We had our showcase on Monday but since it's been a long time, we're nervous. We made a little mistake," and laughed,