After School Lizzy Denies Face Contouring Surgery, 'Only Got My Eyes Done'

After School Lizzy clears up rumors that she did face contouring surgery at the recording for her show FashionN's "Please Take Care of My Vanity 2".

At the studio, Lizzy appeared as MC alongside Super Junior Leeteuk and Han Chaeyoung. Before the broadcast, Leeteuk courageously asked, "Where else you get (something) done?", in which Lizzy honestly and wittily replied, "Borrowed a (surgeon's) hand a bit".

Lizzy then clarifies, "Except for eyes, I didn't get anything done." "There are many talks about face contouring but it's definitely not true." Meanwhile, the 2nd season of "Please Take Care of My Vanity " premieres on September 8.