Tiffany is Taken Off 'Unnies Slam Dunk' Due to SNS Controversy

KBS 'Unnies Slam Dunk' has finally decided to take SNSD Tiffany off the show following her controversial SNS post.

According to the their official statement, the program's producers and SM Entertainment have discussed Tiffany's controversial SNS post involving the posting of the Rising Sun Flag on Korea's National Liberation Day on August 15. Considering the sentiments of the viewers who were affected by the post, both sides decided to take Tiffany off the show.

'Unnies Slam Dunk' will continue with the remaining five members and there will be no additional cast to be added. They also clarify that the cancellation of airing of August 19th episode has nothing to do with Tiffany's controversy but because of 'Rio Olympics 2016' instead. Meanwhile, the next episode of 'Unnies Slam Dunk' airs on August 26.

This follows after cosmetic brand IPKN, which Tiffany has endorsed for 3 years, also decided to replace her as their brand's exclusive model.