SHINee and 2PM Expected To Go Head to Head for September Comebacks

Herald Pop reports on their article the possible class of SHINee and 2PM's comebacks coming in September.

On September 2-4, SHINee is going to hold their 5th solo concert "SHINee World V" on September 3-4 at Olympic Gymnastics Arena. Once again, SHINee will showcase their colorful stages and quality performances which fans are anticipating.  Aside from this, SHINee is also reported to be releasing their new album. Although, there's no details yet, it is expected to be announced after their concert. In May last year, SHINee released their 4th album "Odd" with a follow up repackaged album "Married to the Music" in August. One year later, fans are anticipating for their new album.

Meanwhile, unlike SHINee's comeback, JYP confirms today that 2PM is releasing new album with a luxurious masculine concept. It is described to be a boyfriend-dol image that we haven't seen before. In fact, the boys have already decided on their title track and filmed their music video and fans can anticipate high quality comeback.

SHINee and 2PM are both in their 8th year and have proven that they are indeed among the pioneers of K-pop. The two have distinct concepts and music colors giving diversity to the industry. SHINee is known boy their boyish image while 2PM has grasped the 'beastly' idol image. With their pending comebacks in September, the fans are anticipating greatly.