Netizen Discovers Twice Chaeyoung's Alleged Blog, Posts About Boyfriend?

A trending post on Pann is garnering comments as it talks about an alleged private blog of Twice Chaeyoung

In the post, screenshots of her entries are shared including some of her private thoughts and feelings which the OP assumes to be directed to her boyfriend. In some of these are photos of flower bouquets, like one she received from a fan at one of Twice's fansigning events. She wrote,

"A flower I received from a stranger, it's the same flower given to the same receiver but it's different, it's different. That's only I can't do. Honestly, my feelings are different. It's obvious it's not (the same)"and "these days words that they say meaningless, they fit into my feelings just right." 

On another flower post, she wrote,

"the person who always gifts me flowers.
thinking about me while choosing flowers, it's the string tied.
"violet Freesia"
Just like that, can't like it more than enough. really really lovely.

On another one, she wrote,
"every time it's different flower, different string, but the same heart of the same person" 

There's also,

"it's a very sad day.
it's cold and i'm cooling off
even so it's not.
let's try until we can understand(each other)"

In response to this post, netizens are in defense of Chaeyoung calling out the OP for reaching and exaggerating interpretations of the alleged posts.