Leo Injured His Nose At 'ISAC 2016', VIXX Won't Perform at 'The Show'

What fans fear has happened. VIXX Leo sustained nose injury during the recording of "2016 Idol Sports Athletics Championship" today.

According to VIXX's agency Jellyfish Entertainment, "Leo injured his nose during the game of futsal at ISAC recording today. We sent him immediately to the hospital and after getting treatment. he's currently resting now."

Regarding weather Leo can participate in VIXX activities, Jellyfish says, "We will be monitoring his condition and decide later on." Today, during recording of futsal, Leo's nose bleed and he complained of pain. According to the representatives of "ISAC", he was immediately rushed to hospital and got treated.

Meanwhile, VIXX is scheduled to appear on SBS MTV "The Show" tomorrow to promote their latest song 'Fantasy'. However, a representative from the music program informs that VIXX will not make an appearance due to Leo's injury thus VIXX is removed from their Top 3 nominees for no.1.

Speedy recovery Leo!