Lee Je Hoon and Shin Min Ah confirmed for tnN's 'Tomorrow With You'

Lee Je Hoon and Shin Min Ah will be starring as leads in upcoming tvN's drama 'Tomorrow With You'.

Lee Je Hoon will play as Yoo So Joon, a real estate company owner with assets of one hundred billion won. He's also a time traveller with the ability to travel through time in subways and thanks to this ability, he earns the title 'Midas' as everywhere he picks always hits jackpot.

Shin Min Ah will take the role of Song Ma Rin, Yoo So Joon's wife. She used to be a famous child actress but is currently an unknown photographer. Her perfect marriage life suddenly fall into chaos as she finds out her husband's secret.

The drama will be directed by Yoo Je Won('Oh My Ghostess') and written by Heo Sung Hye('All About My Wife'). It will be 100% pre-produced and is set to premiered in 2017.