Kahi Proves Her Baby Bump Won't Stop Her From Yoga

Kahi is promoting healthy pregnancy in her latest pictorial for 'Elle' magazine together with Biotherm. The pictorial is a part of the campaign to celebrate pregnant women every year. The campaign aims to encourage confidence and cheer on pregnant women who undergo physical changes.

As for Kahi, who is 7-month pregnant, she displays an image of a fit-mom suggesting that women shouldn't neglect their bodies although they are pregnant. Pregnant women should also stay fit and exercise to stay healthy. In fact, during the pictorial, Kahi impresses the staff while doing yoga poses effortlessly.

Kahi shares that she has also underwent a lot of changes in her body during pregnancy like having rough skin and losing its firmness and that's the reason exercise is more needed. She advises that it's important rub oil and cream to maintain the softness and flexibility of the skin.

Meanwhile, Kahi's pictorial with Biotherm will be on the September issue of 'Elle' magazine.