Former Beast's Hyunseung Reveals His Worries & Previews Provocative Performance on 'Hit the Stage'

Former Beast member Jang Hyunseung will be joining the dance crews on the next episode of 'Hit the Stage' along with other new performers making it his first broadcast appearance after leaving Beast.

On his interview prior to filming, Hyunseung reveals his thoughts about his career. He expresses that although he has wanted to become a singer ever since he was a child he has also aimed to be a singer who can also dance well and that he wasn't good at dancing at first. He adds that he often hears that he wasn't a good dancer and thought that he has to practice more.

When asked what are his thoughts on his appearance on "Hit the Stage", Hyunseung reveals that first he is worried about the competition and he has to think positively and just enjoy the performance. He also mentions that it's an opportunity to showcase his dancing skills.

Meanwhile, the next theme for the competition is "This Love" and Hyunseung is seen performing a provocative dance number with a female partner. Anticipate next episode!