Former 4-minute's Jiyoon to Release A Single in October + Future Plans

4-minutes fans are awaiting the members' next path after 4-minute's disbandment and it seems like Jiyoon is pursuing a solo career.

Jiyoon is reported to be releasing a solo single in October. Jiyoon's new agency, JS E&M reveals "Jeon Jiyoon is planning to release a single in October. For 7 years of promoting as 4-minute, Jiyoon's vocal, rap and dancing skills have been sharpened."

The agency adds, "She is planning earnestly to begin her music career with a new album as if it's a new start. Although it's not yet confirmed what kind of album she's releasing in the future, it's for sure an album where she can showcase her endless capabilities as a singer."

JS E&M also states that they will also support Jiyoon's acting and entertainment activities since Jiyoon has enough experience. Let's anticipate Jiyoon in her future activities!