D-3 to MBC Music 'Show Champion in Manila' @AllAccessProdPH

Only three days to the biggest (yet) K-pop event to hit Philippines this year as MBC Music is bringing "Show Champion" in Manila on September 3 for their special 200th episode.

"Show Champion Manila" will definitely tear the roof as 9 promising and trendiest groups filling up the line up such as BTS, VIXX, B.A.P, AOA, M&D, KNK, Astro, Sonamoo and Gugudan. The event will be hosted by Show Champion MC Kim Shin Young. Anticipate the brightest special stages from these groups.

Tickets are still selling hot! Get your tickets through SM Ticket outlets or purchase online HERE.  'Show Champion in Manila' is happening on September 3 (Saturday) at 7PM in SM MOA Arena.

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