CCTV Photos of Kai & Krystal At A Room Escape Cafe Leaked

Alleged CCTV photos of Kai and Krystal from a room escape cafe are uploaded on Pann and being shared on SNS.

Escape Room cafes are recently a trend in Seoul, Gangnam and Hongdae areas where players are locked in a room to solve puzzles and codes to be able to escape. Since a staff needs to monitor the players's game progress through CCTV, Kai and Krystal were also captured.

However, some netizens have raised questions like "If it's from an employee, isn't wrong to upload their photos on internet?","We know they are dating but this is not right to upload photos like these." Others are also happy that they are dating fine, "Couples doing this while dating is exciting!","Seems like they're dating just fine."