Wonder Girls Sunmi Does Not Have Yoobin's Number?!

Source: WG Sunmi 'I Don't Know The Phone Number Of Yoobin'!

When Sunmi was asked about what names the members' numbers were saved by her, Sunmi revealed that she doesn't know Yoobin's number, 'Because Yoobin unni got a new number, and since we are promoting together, we get to see each other everyday.'

[+504 -34]  They must not be close;; -_-;;

[+465 -24] But still kkkkkk;;

[+430 -25] Must be an awkward relationship, the type that you don't really need to keep in contact with.....

[+66 -4] It's weird under Korean society standards to not know the number of your coworkers. I guess they're of a business relationship that can have their manager handle stuff as the middle man.