What's The Word That Sunny Hates The Most From Hateful Comments?

  • [+375 -29] She said that she is going to live anyway hh yeah, hateful comments are useless so just ignore them! Sunny fighting!! ♥
  • [+304 -24] Don't pay any attention to kids like that, they clearly have issues in their head
  • [+222 -20] There are some netizens who leave crazy comments on Nate like "I hope you get hit by a nuclear bomb from Kim Jong Il" and they got several IDs too. He's the absolute worst.
  • [+20 -0] People who leave such extreme comments have issues in their head
  • [+16, -1] Sometimes when you check at people's comment histories, you will see that they only leave hateful comments everywhere. I wonder how they function in real life.