Tiffany Garners Attention With Her Unrealistically Thin Thighs!

Source: Daum

[+167 -14] I guess people really look heavier on screen than in real life... she has crazy thin legs in this picture, they never looked this thin on TV though..

[+144 -20] Oh man, both men and women need a certain amount of fat in their thighs to look healthy~

[+67 -9] To be this thin without any photo shop must mean she's crazy thin... there's no beauty to that, its like two chopsticks sticking out of her skirt.

[+34 -8] People complain when thighs are fat and when thighs are thin too, what do you want her to be? Just worry about your own bodies.

[+16 -10] Tiffany lost so much weight... but still pretty though~