SNSD Tiffany Enjoys Her Holiday In Rome! The Beauty Of Vatican

Source: Nate

[+209 -142] I'm quite sure it says on the entrance of the Vatican museum that you're not allowed to enter while dressed like that. Short skirts, shorts, exposed shoes, sleeveless shirts are all banned so they even let you borrow skirts and shoes to cover up in. Seems like she took it all off once she got inside but don't be like that ㅜㅜ the priests are human too ㅜㅜ

[+194 -25] Not so sure what the best reply is talking about, but has he ever been to the Vatican? There's no clothing restriction at the entrance to the museum, it's only for when you enter St. Peter's Cathedral. If you actually go to Vatican, there are tons of foreigners wearing tank tops and shorts. Plus, the weather there is even hotter than in Korea. As for when you're going into the cathedral, they give you wrap skirts to borrow so you can just wear it in and it's no problem.

[+172 -13] No local will care if she's dressed like that in the summer. There are only clothing restrictions within the cathedral. The best reply should stop letting his stupidity show.

[+169 -124] She went to the Vatican and dressed like that? kk That's so her

[+146 -11] I don't think the hater have gone to the Vatican. You can dress whatever you want outside of the cathedral. Even Italians dress like this in the summer.