Seventeen Seungkwan Wants to Name his Future Son After Jaejoong, But The Problem is...

Seventeen Seungkwan will make you go 'awwwwww' in his recent revelation.

19 year old Seungkwan reveals the names he has prepared for his future children. On Seventeen's recent fansign, a fan asked what will he name his future children.

Seungkwan answered that if boy, it's Jaejoong and if girl,' it's Jayeon. As innocent and harmless as it sounds, there seems to be a problem with it. Since the children will have to follow his surname which is Boo, the names will have rather awkward meanings.

boojaejoong means 'absence' and boojayeon means 'unnatural'. Since it's typical for Koreans to have their names carefully chosen carrying meaningful interpretations, seems like Seungkwan's future children will struggle explaining theirs.

When the fan pointed it out, Seungkwan explained, "Jaejoongie~ Jaejoong.. my kids will like it since I named him after Jaejoong sunbaenim." How innocent is he! Even Jaejoong fans think he's a cute fanboy!